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 e-Commerce Solutions

 fotokasten, myphotobook and d|o|m are the Group’s brands in e-Commerce. Through the technical solutions for e-Commerce provided by d|o|m, fotokasten and myphotobook offer a broad range of photo products, primarily to consumers.

​e-Commerce is a prioritized product area for Elanders which in just a few short years has grown to represent ten percent of the Group net sales. The acquisition of fotokasten GmbH, myphotobook Gmbh and d|o|m Deutsche Online Medien GmbH has given Elanders hundreds of thousands of consumer customers.

Technical developments are fast in this product area and consumers’ purchase patterns are constantly changing. e-Commerce is growing in both the US and Western Europe and Elanders specialization in personalization is more often the rule rather than the exception. Customers can put in their orders for photo books, calendars and other printed material on specially designed websites and in some cases even follow the entire process from order to delivered printed matter.

In addition to the volumes, delivery speed is also impressive. Within 48 hours customers can receive their photo books, calendars or whatever they have ordered. The technical solutions are such that it only takes a few minutes to prepare a photo book for print.

Elanders’strategy in e-Commerce is to serve our existing customers in the best way possible via order portals but also to be the obvious choice for customers that are focused on end consumers where Elanders can even offer white labeling solutions.