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 Print & Packaging Solutions

 Elanders, the Group’s brand in Print & Packaging, through its innovative force and global presence offers cost-effective solutions that can handle customer’s local and global needs for printed material and packaging.

Commercial Print includes magazines, books, catalogues and other information and marketing material. Manuals and product information are also included in this category and they have been Elanders’ successful mainstay for many years.

Elanders has an advantage over several smaller competitors since the company can offer print in low-cost countries. Our ability to offer the customers the same print quality at a lower price has been successful.

Packaging is the section of the graphic industry with the largest volumes and everything points to continued growth in this product area in the near future. Demand is stable in Western Europe and the US and increasing slightly in Latin America. Packaging is expected to grow in Asia by around 35% from 2012 to 2016.