Elanders Case Study: A Global Media Management Solution

Customer Challenge

A global construction and mining machinery manufacturer, with rapid overseas growth, was looking for a solution that would allow them to accurately, effectively, and efficiently manage their global media needs.  Using a traditional model, all orders were fulfilled through a US based warehouse, stocked using forecasting models, with inventory coming from multiple suppliers.  This not only created large amounts of waste from scrap and inefficiencies it also added to the growing costs associated with global distribution.

Elanders’ Solution

Elanders Americas’ Velocityg program was implemented and fulfilled this customer’s need for high quality, consistently branded materials across the globe.  Through Elanders’ international network of printers, proprietary routing system, simplified billing options and one-of-a-kind distribution solutions, the customer gained efficiencies in cost, quality, delivery times, and user experience.

The Velocityg solution addressed several areas including:

  • Web Ordering
    • A customized web based system was developed which allowed global dealers, factories, and individuals a secure means to place orders.
  • Distribution
    • Midland’s international network of printers was utilized to ensure materials were produced nearest the final destination to avoid delays and fees associated with international shipping and customs.
  • Brand Consistency and Quality
    • Midland’s G7 Printers qualification, paired with proprietary techniques and software, assure precise adherence to branding specifications and colors, regardless of media type.
  • On Demand Production
    • All products were moved to an on-demand model eliminating scrape, obsolescence, and the need for warehoused materials.
  • Customization
    • Marketing materials were made fully customizable through variable data
  • International Taxes, Fees, and Shipping
    • VAT taxes, customs fees, and shipping regulations are all handled through Midland
  • Security Compliance
    • Midland’s automated systems check all orders and shipments against U.S. security standards and lists of denied countries to ensure adherence to all regulations.