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 Disaster Recovery & Record Security

 Elanders Americas has answers to your questions. We’ve planned for our recovery with speed and “Agility.”

​How much would a disaster cost your business?

Most companies have insurance policies designed to cover the obvious, but what would happen to your customers while you wait to get your business back up and running? How would your employees around the globe access records if your servers went down?

As seen in the news with increasing frequency, disasters can and do happen. Many customers of Elanders Americas have chosen not to setup a disaster recovery plan except for those areas required by law or regulations.

Disaster Protection and Recovery is one more way we “simplify” your media and content management.

Through an extensive and redundant system of backup and recovery, off-site replication and our global alliances, Elanders Americas will deliver an unmatched level of data security. Our systems have proven successful in both minor and major disasters, reducing business delays and allowing our partners to continue, uninterrupted until normalcy is fully restored.

The Data Centers we operate are engineered to be physically secure and rapidly available. State-of-the-art private network architecture with inherent redundancies and failovers is built into our current centers ensuring critical servers are mirrored for near real-time data continuity. This network is highly monitored by our experienced staff to ensure exceptional service levels. Key elements of our Data Centers include:

Physical Security

  • Physically secure with keycard authorization
  • Equipment is housed in secure racks
  • 24/7/365 monitoring

Electronic Security

  • Entire Network is monitored 24/7/365 by certified engineers
  • Intrusion detection for all network connections 

Environmental Controls

  • Redundant air handling monitors and regulates air temperature, humidity and airflow
  • Optimized environment for computer components
  • HFC-227ea Fire protections
  • Primary non-ozone depleting agent absorbs heat energy to prevent spread and extinguish fire 


  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) maintains continuous power for short-term outages
  • Surge Suppression protects sensitive equipment from surges, voltage spikes, and frequency variations
  • Diesel generator availability for long-term power outages

We’ve planned for our recovery with speed and “Agility.”

Even if a natural disaster were to wipe out our own physical facilities, Elanders Americas has carefully constructed plans assured to keep your media management programs up and running.

First, through the use of our International Network of Facilities, your orders will automatically be rerouted to one of several approved production facilities for rapid processing.

Second, through our well-planned partnership with Agility Recovery, we have arranged for rapid on-site access services that ensure uninterrupted communication between you and your customers. Full facility power will be supplied within hours, through the use of on-site generators. Additionally, mobile office suites will be established, providing IT and office technology, as well as satellite connectivity for both phone and internet.