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 HD Print


​Do you want your images to be unforgettable? Are you looking for high-end color production that is guaranteed to increase your marketing ROI? If so, then look no further.

Elanders has developed HD Print, a technology that makes it possible to print images with deeper ink, more contrast and more color than standard techniques allow. Our HD printing technology makes the tomatoes in your cookbook intensely red, gives a blue so deep you swear you could feel the breeze in your landscape photography, and brings out features in a face that instantly connects you as old friends.

After a long series of experiments we have perfected a solution that extreme-compensates the image files. We then use proprietary production techniques to print with more color and higher screen frequency. This combination makes it possible to increase the color intensity and contrast in your images by up to 20 percent.

As a trusted advisor we are constantly developing new techniques to be able to make your images as sharp as possible. We break ground in image printing each day allowing us to continually provide innovative and flexible media solutions locally, nationally and globally.

Would you like to see the world in HD Print?



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