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 Order Processing & File Management Services

 At Elanders Americas, we are here to simplify your business processes, not make them harder.

​Elanders Americas offers a wide variety of order placement, scheduling, pre-press and electronic information services to support our information management, digital, and offset printing processes. At Elanders Americas, we don’t just print your information; we enable you to scan it, save it, store it, order it, and send it electronically. We can also reformat it to be utilized across a wide variety of output mediums.

Order Processing

Account Services
We have an experienced team of Account Service professionals to work with you in processing your projects. Our representatives can provide request for quotations, order placement, and follow through on shipping and invoicing questions. Plus, they are here to guide you through the process and offer cost-saving alternatives along the way.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Elanders Americas has worked to pioneer an integrated EDI ordering, invoicing, and payment system in support of our unique one-off print-on-demand offering.

Online Ordering Solution
Elanders Americas has developed EOOS, a customer branded online ordering system, which allows our customers (and their end-users) to place orders for literature directly through an e-commerce solution. This system can link directly into our customer file repository offering an automated process from order placement through invoicing.  For more information on our EOOS solution, click here.

800# Call Center
We offer a quality order processing and fulfillment call center that includes customized answer scripts tailored to fit your specific business strategies. Our 800# services provide a valuable vehicle, allowing your customers to order and receive literature about your company and its products and services. For more information about our 800# Call Center, click here.


File Management Services

Customer File Repository System
Today, information can take on many forms: text, graphics, Postscript, PDF, SGML, voice, video, scanned images, and database tables. This information is common in that it takes on some logical form in order to represent information. The industry commonly refers to this compiled information as a document, whether it is printed or provided electronically. Elanders Americas' file repository system provides an automated electronic document production workflow and file management process for efficient storage and retrieval of our customer's documents.

Clients submit electronic files, or camera-ready artwork, which are then converted to a print-ready electronic file. The print-ready files are stored in our electronic file management system and can be retrieved and distributed as orders are received.

Scanning Services
Elanders Americas Antique Publication Conversion Services allow our customers to realize new revenue streams through the re-introduction of legacy documents. Electronic files are built through a process of detailed scans, creating versions optimized for storage and reproduction in today's digital world. Converting legacy documents to an electronic format eliminates further deterioration, enables modern technology to digitally enhance existing issues, and provides a higher quality product than was previously possible for the end-user.

Pre-Flight Services
Elanders Americas tests every electronic file that it receives with industry standard pre-flight software. This ensures that your files have been set up correctly and allows you to make any adjustments or have our staff make them for you. In the end, this process saves you from incurring additional charges and unnecessary delays once your file has been released into the production cycle.

Technical Integration Services
Elanders Americas has over 20 certified IT professionals on staff including project managers, engineers, developers, and analysts. These professionals work together to create various integrations between our customers' systems and ours.  They also create ecommerce websites, web services, SharePoint sites, and custom mobile applications.

Capacity Planning & Sequencing System
As changing market demands and technology advancements have led to lower print run quantities and shorter lead times, Elanders Americas' print management system has been configured to accurately manage our fast-paced digital printing processes.

The print management system is the single source for job information, real time job status, and inventory tracking operations. It integrates with all our print engines, shipping, and invoicing processes and allows for business alerts and workflow triggers such as last minute change orders.