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 Transitional & Traditional Warehousing


To further assure that the flow of media materials to your customers is smooth and efficient, Elanders Americas provides warehousing strategies that fit seamlessly within the total solutions we offer.

We begin by helping our customers identify where costly inventory and warehouse space can be cut. This might mean “right-sizing” inventory to include only specific titles or by lowering the quantity of each title stored. Alternatively, we may recommend the complete elimination of your need to warehouse, with a move toward a complete print-on-demand solution.

When appropriate, Elanders will store components that you wish to have combined with printed material we produce. The kits we assemble can be sent to your employees, dealers, customers, and prospects.

By providing a variety of warehousing options, we enable your company to:

  • Focus on your core business
  • Maintain your ability to deliver paper documents as necessary
  • Reduce obsolescence and scrap of unused and out-of-date publications
  • Reduce inventory and warehouse square footage
  • Recoup your investment in printed materials

Click on the link below to see how our warehousing solutions might be customized to your needs:
An Inventory Depletion and Print-on-Demand Strategy