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 Variable Print & Custom Development


​If ever there was a perfect example of how Elanders Americas can help simplify business communications, this is it!

Consider, for example, our dynamic book building solutions. This process combines variable data from an external file and, based on your rules, provides for the generation of unique one-off manuals and publications. Your customized products can be produced from any output device (e.g., print, CD, DVD) according to your specifications.

Our Content Management Repository provides the capability for a single file component to be associated to one or many products. Our component-based repository allows us to “associate” or connect all of the components needed to assemble a single product.

When an order is received for a product that is comprised of multiple components, our book build program dynamically selects the latest version of the various components from the repository and sends these to the specified output device. This process allows clients of Elanders Americas to update a single component rather than update the entire publication. Though that component could be part of hundreds of products, updating need only be done once. It will automatically be transferred to all associated products.

Through Elanders’ talented team of application development specialists, we have the ability to streamline and automate information flow from any input source you choose to any chosen output device.

Let us create a solution that reduces redundancy and cycle time while improving security and revision control.

We are eager to help you craft a more nimble and cost-effective information management strategy!

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