Comprehensive Subscription Commerce Services

“Elanders’ integrated services supports  subscription box and marketing continuity programs with scalability, in-house print & packaging, static or variant subscription levels, and supplemental e-store services.”

EOOS: Elanders Online Ordering Solution

“Meet EOOS, our Windows Server Certified Application Specialist and your new perfect employee. Has unlimited knowledge of your products, is constantly able to accept and process orders, implements variable data on-the-fly and instantly sends samples for approval, and specializes in logistics to instantly calculate shipping costs and delivery schedules.”

Secure Examinations for the Test Publishing Industry

“Elanders’ automated electronic ordering of testing materials makes the process simple, efficient, and flexible. This  On-Demand solution eliminates inventory, scrap, and associated administrative costs.”

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Elanders Americas3 days ago
This winter seems like it will never end. Don’t let it get you down, turn it around and “beat the winter blues”. Below are a few ideas to lift your spirits and ease the mid-winter doldrums.
1. Eat healthy and smarter.
2. Exercise regularly – there are many safe activities
you can do in the winter to stay active.
3. Manage your stress.
4. Turn on the tunes. Upbeat or cheery music can
improve your mood.
5. Help others by volunteering.
6. Get outside. Spending time outside can improve
focus and lower stress levels.

Elanders Americas

Elanders AmericasMar. 15, 2019
Did you know?... Elanders Americas is an ITAR registered company? What does that mean? As a manufacturer of classified defense related materials, we take painstaking measures to ensure that this information does not fall into the wrong hands. Find out what other certifications, registrations, and awards Elanders Americas holds. #manufacturing #defense #itar

3 days ago
Imagine working with a company that has extensive tribal knowledge of subscription box & e-commerce challenges. Share in our pool of “been there, done that” wisdom that can help you avoid pitfalls and take advantage of best-in-business practices. At Elanders, it’s what we do. ElandersUS photo