Comprehensive Subscription Commerce Services

“Elanders’ integrated services supports  subscription box and marketing continuity programs with scalability, in-house print & packaging, static or variant subscription levels, and supplemental e-store services.”

EOOS: Elanders Online Ordering Solution

“Meet EOOS, our Windows Server Certified Application Specialist and your new perfect employee. Has unlimited knowledge of your products, is constantly able to accept and process orders, implements variable data on-the-fly and instantly sends samples for approval, and specializes in logistics to instantly calculate shipping costs and delivery schedules.”

Secure Examinations for the Test Publishing Industry

“Elanders’ automated electronic ordering of testing materials makes the process simple, efficient, and flexible. This  On-Demand solution eliminates inventory, scrap, and associated administrative costs.”

Elanders Americas
Elanders Americas10 hours ago
The entire Elanders Group is active in reducing its negative impact on the environment through better resource efficiency and lower costs for raw materials, energy, and transportation. Here at the Elanders Americas’ Davenport facility we are converting the parking lot lights to LED. This is the final step in moving all facility lighting to LED, reducing our overall energy consumption.

Elanders Americas

Elanders AmericasFeb. 15, 2019
Print-TO-Demand: Most of us have heard of Print-on-Demand (POD). At Elanders we Print-TO-Demand. We take a hybrid approach because one size does not fit all, every time. We offer from single copies to thousands of copies all from the same file. Learn more here:

11 hours ago
Expand your offering with e-commerce.
Partner with Elanders and take your business a step further by offering more of what your customers like. #ecommerce #personalized #customerservice
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