Elanders Americas’ facilities will remain operational in the face of the COVID-19 outbreak. Elanders is part of the supply chain supporting customers operating in critical infrastructure industries.


Comprehensive Subscription Commerce Services

“Elanders’ integrated services supports  subscription box and marketing continuity programs with scalability, in-house print & packaging, static or variant subscription levels, and supplemental e-store services.”

EOOS: Elanders Online Ordering Solution

“Meet EOOS, our Windows Server Certified Application Specialist and your new perfect employee. Has unlimited knowledge of your products, is constantly able to accept and process orders, implements variable data on-the-fly and instantly sends samples for approval, and specializes in logistics to instantly calculate shipping costs and delivery schedules.”

Secure Examinations for the Test Publishing Industry

“Elanders’ automated electronic ordering of testing materials makes the process simple, efficient, and flexible. This  On-Demand solution eliminates inventory, scrap, and associated administrative costs.”

Elanders Americas
Elanders Americas12 months ago
Maintain brand consistenccy and messaging while offering online design templates and the ability to for your users to customize specific content blocks. They order what they want, in the quantities they want, and ship to where they are located - its fast and easy to use and customized to your business needs.
Elanders Americas