Global Production

Situation:  An in-house printshop plus a multitude of other suppliers produced to inventory based on long-term forecasting models. This huge U.S. warehouse supplied materials to all global facilities. Long delivery times caused the materials to be outdated before reaching their destination. Waste from obsolete material and supplier inefficiencies added to the growing costs associated with global distribution.

Solution:  Created a single online ordering site for factory, dealer, and consumer orders that uses our Velocityg global order management system. This system routes the production and fulfillment to the facility nearest the order destination. The solution was further expanded to offer digital download to dealers and consumers.


  • 100,000 square-foot warehouse eliminated
  • Literature inventory reduced by 90%
  • Shipping costs reduce by 80%
  • 600,000 kg of CO2 emissions eliminated
  • Stringent version control – one supplier, one file database
  • Flexible delivery – print, electronic media, digital download