On-Demand Kitting

Situation: Product support kits needed to be assembled in a just-in-time method for better supply management. These kits include both print and non-print materials and consist of a single component or multifaceted with sub-kits forming hundreds of configurations.

Solution: Production is managed just-in-time with real-time factory line production information. This information is used to source non-print elements and produce print materials on-demand for optimal production runs and reduced scrap. Sourced and printed materials meet in our fulfillment center for kit assembly. Bagging machines print part numbers and other information directly on the kit bag providing for precise order fulfillment.


  • Approximately $1 million in overall savings to the customer
  • 8 million parts supplied to approximately 1.1 million products last year
  • 30-50 million components move through our facility annually
  • 287 active SKU’s
  • 558 different input components
  • Program now includes 3 factories